About Us

Hi, my name is Lizzie and I am mad about animals! I've always had pets in my life and at one time, as a child, I was the very proud owner of 20 rabbits.

I am now in my 40s and still as bonkers about rabbits and other pets as I ever was as a child. For the past ten years I have worked with children and consider myself a very kind, thoughtful and caring person, who is reliable and trustworthy.

I live in Lechlade with my husband Nic, Stepson Alex and three children Rebecca, Ben and Sophie. Other members of our family are a cat called Marmite, three hamsters called Theo, Ollie and Pippin, two gerbils called Tom and Jerry, a baby tortoise called Tiny Tim (who is actually a girl but my nine year old son thinks girls are silly and irritating so refuses to believe his beloved pet is one), tropical fish, an apple snail called Pip and our gorgeous rabbits Poppy and Road Kill. Road Kill is called Road Kill because when I rescued him he was knotted, tangled and covered in bald patches, scratches and sores. As soon as I arrived home with him, the first thing Nic said was that he looked like road kill - and it stuck!

Our business idea came into fruition due to the fact that whenever we want to go away, we worry about our animals and who we are going to call on to help look after them. All we ever wanted is peace of mind to go away knowing that our pets are happy and in the best possible care. I know for sure that we're not the only ones.....