Our friendly, family run business offers a loving, caring and professional rabbit, guinea pig and other small animal boarding service to clients in Lechlade and the surrounding areas.

We provide large 6' x 2' (183cm x 61cm) quality craftsman made hutches which have added height to ensure that your rabbits and guinea pigs are as comfortable as possible during their stay with us.  These hutches are situated in Lizzie's Lodge, a secure waterproof out building which has been specially converted for our business.  We also offer a choice of large outdoor hutches in a secure, fenced off part of our garden. Rabbits and guinea pigs will, of course, be kept in separate hutches and runs unless they are a bonded pair or group. All animals in our care will be treated individually to meet their specific requirements with the emphasis on lots of  love, cuddles, attention and a home from home environment. We guarantee that all animals will be treated as though they were our own. When the weather permits all animals will have the opportunity to play and exercise in runs in our large and beautiful garden. Stimulation is essential for animals both mentally and physically. For good health we provide them with a variety of toys, tunnels and other items to avoid them getting bored.  All hutches and runs are cleaned daily and disinfected between guests. We are fully insured.

For the safety of all rabbits boarding it is essential that they are vaccinated against Myxomatosis and VHD.

We provide unlimited fresh hay, water and fresh vegetables. However, we ask guests to bring their own dry food to avoid tummy upsets.

Should you wish your rabbit or guinea pig to be lodged in their own hutch we are more than happy to accommodate.

If you are interested in our Pet Boarding Service then please phone us on 01367 250262 or 07706 556304 or use the booking form or contact link below.

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